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Theatre Under The Stars is a Houston based non-profit institution dedicated to enriching life through the experience of quality musical theatre and positively impacting lives beyond the stage through innovative education initiatives.

Booking a Show

Tickets! I’d like some.

These are a few of our favorite things. You can buy tickets online, by phone, or in person at the box office, which is located just inside the front of the Hobby Center. You could also buy them from a ticket broker, which is legal in Texas… BUT it means we need to share some info about how we can’t guarantee you the best experience possible when you buy from a broker. Which is true.

We cannot be responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties.
 We cannot replace your tickets if they are lost or stolen.
 We cannot exchange your tickets into other performances.
 We cannot issue a refund to you in case of an event cancellation.
 We cannot guarantee that your tickets are valid and therefore, cannot guarantee admittance.
 You may be paying much more than the ticket’s face value.
 We cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations or other information.

Hm. Sounds kinda risky. Help us help you –– buy your tickets only from authorized ticketing agents including Theatre Under The Stars or the Hobby Center Box Office.

Are tickets refundable?

No, sorry. But if you’re a Season Tickets subscriber, you do have a few options if you’re unable to attend a performance:

Option one: You may donate your tickets to Theatre Under the Stars and receive a tax-deductible receipt for your income taxes. Everybody wins.

Please call 713.558.8887 before the performance or click here to donate your tickets now.

Option two: You may exchange your tickets for another show or transfer them to another patron(s). Repeat after me: “How KIND of you. To. Let. Me. Come.”

Or here’s a thought: take the worry out of buying early, and get the best seats without fretting over unforeseen schedule conflicts. TUTS now offers Ticket Exchange Insurance — available at an additional $5 per ticket.

I have kiddos. What do I need to know?

We adore offspring—we were once offspring ourselves. Children of all ages are welcome at TUTS with a purchased ticket. Lap seats, or free tickets for wee ones who wish to watch from an adult’s lap, are not available for our shows. But fear not: booster seats may be rented in the Grand Lobby of The Hobby Center.

Also, it’s tough for us to make a blanket recommendation on age or content appropriateness of a performance, as theatre is pretty subjective stuff. We’ve found that our best suggestion is for parents to read the Content Guide on each show page to gauge whether to call the sitter or load the minivan. You can do that on each show page.

Accessibility. What are my options?

Come one, come all. The Hobby Center for Performing Arts offers wheelchair seating on every level except limited view seats and elevator assistance to the balcony level. We also provide assisted listening devices, audio-described performances, and open-captioned performances.

How much is admission?

That’s a great question. Our shows at The Hobby Center have tickets that range from $24 to well over $100. You pick what fits best in your budget.

Planning for the Show

When should I arrive? What if I’m late?

We applaud our punctual patrons! We hate for anyone to miss part of a show. Productions begin at the time on your ticket, so we encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Doors open 90 minutes before the show and seating begins 30 minutes before the curtain. Early birds can savor a meal or a cocktail in the lobby, or browse through Encore, our unique gift store.

But…we get it. Accidents happen. So do wardrobe malfunctions, temper tantrums, and “Wait, I thought you had the tickets?” If, for whatever reason, you are not prompt, you will merely be prompted to wait a few moments until the first suitable pause in the performance, at which point you will be seated by a friendly usher.

What should I eat? Where should I stay?

You’re in luck! TUTS has created special offers for several local hotels. When it comes to what to eat, we have two options for you. Our Culture + Cuisine program offers package deals for dinner and a show. If you’ve already got your tickets, we’ve worked out special deals for our customers with these downtown restaurants!

What should I wear?

Formal wear is not required, although dressing up does make any occasion feel more special… but hey, we’re theatre folk, we love costumes of any kind. In general, attire varies from business casual to cocktail dresses and suits. Above all, we want you to be comfortable. And we would hate for any sequins to be the cause for discomfort.

How long are your shows?

Run times vary. You can view the length of each individual show (as well as intermission schedules) on the show page. Handy, right?

You said no phones during the show. What if I need to be reached in an emergency?

We’ll make it happen. Please leave the following information with your sitter or service (or anyone else who might need you), so we can quickly locate you in the event of an emergency:

Theatre phone number: 713.558.TUTS (8887), option 4
Your seat location: Aisle, Section, Row, Seat Number

Oh hail no. This weather’s awful.

The show must go on. All performances will take place as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions.

During the Show

Are electronics allowed?

Things that beep, chirp, flash, light up or record during the show are strictly prohibited. This means no cameras and no audio recording equipment. All cell phones, pagers and watch alarms must be turned off throughout the performance. If you really, we mean really, need to use your phone, wait until a pause in the show, whisper “BRB”* to your friends or family, and kindly take your call out in the lobby.

*Psst: for you non-Millennials, this means “be right back.”

Do you offer refreshments? Theatres make me crave popcorn.

Absolutely –– we offer fan fare before and after the show, and during Intermission. Just no food or drinks allowed in the auditorium (unless it’s a sippy cup from Concessions). But once you’re in our lobby… put our service to the test! Tie a napkin ’round your neck, chérie, and we’ll provide the rest.

How can I be the best theatergoer I can be?

Well, for one — noise. We know… it is so hard not to burst into song (or tears) during Les Mis. But please, remember who people are paying to listen to and refrain from talking or singing throughout the performance. Two — fragrances. Don’t overdo it with that Razzle Dazzle Jazzleberry lotion. Moderation is our friend, especially in close quarters.

Also note that if you experience any discomfort during a performance, or need assistance of any kind, an usher or our house manager will be happy to help you. Look for the kindly guys in suits trolling the aisles like Secret Service agents. Secret Service agents who know every word to Hakuna Matata.

After the Show

I left my favorite sweater. Please tell me you have a Lost & Found.

The one that brings out the blue in your eyes? We remember. To inquire about said sweater, or anything else you may have misplaced, call this number (713.558.TUTS) at this time (Monday through Friday between 10am and 5pm). We store Lost & Found items for three months, then donate them to charity.

I must have that Cinderella poster. Where do I get it?

You can get your merch on the night of the show at our gift shop, Encore, where we sell a fabulous array of goodies for all TUTS performances. Or you can purchase memorabilia from our online store, here.