Theatre Under the Stars

To call a TUTS staff member, please dial 713.558.(extension). To reach the receptionist, please dial 713.558.2600.

Executive Staff

Hillary J Hart

Executive Director

Dan Knechtges

Artistic Director

Bobbi Brand

Director of Human Resources
Ext. 2653

Toni Capra

Director of Operations
Ext. 2631

Kyle Young

Director of Marketing and Communications
Ext. 2664

Megan Larche Dominick

Associate Artistic Director/Director of New Works
Ext. 2663

Israel Jimenez

Director of Community Engagement
Ext. 8811

Clifford Alexander

Director of Education, HSMT
Ext. 2604

Eileen Edmonds

Director of Education, The River
Phone: 713.520.1220

Human Resources & Administration

Ali Van Horn

Executive Assistant and Board Liaison


Jonathan Whiting

Finance Associate
Ext. 2634


Faye Hosein

Senior Manager, Development Operations
Ext. 2652

Jordan McPhail

Development Officer
Ext. 2649

Isabel Nart

Development Officer
Ext. 2606

Andrea T. Romero

Development Officer
Ext. 2651

Lorielle Anderson

Senior Coordinator, Development Operations
Ext. 2648

Emily White

Manager, Donor Engagement
Ext. 2659

Marketing & Sales

Patrick Plunk

Associate Director, Patron Development and Marketing Operations
Ext. 2666

Lisa Holmes

Manager, PR & Communications
Ext. 2654

Anthony Martinez

Manager, Box Office
Ext. 8827

Ashlei Kennedy

Assistant Manager, Box Office
Ext. 2677

Elizabeth England

Manager, Audience Development
Ext. 8825

Laura Hagen

Graphics Designer, Marketing
Ext. 2682

Erick Velazquez

Graphics Designer, Marketing
Ext. 2662

Zach McKenzie

Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communications
Ext. 2658

Brianna Dixon

Patron Services Representative

Erin Urick

Patron Services Representative

Production Staff

Olson Scott Kelly

Artistic Associate
Ext. 2633

Jeff Taylor

Production Manager
Ext. 2655

Skye Krienitz

Production Coordinator
Ext. 8808

Colleen Grady

Costume Shop Manager / Designer
Ext. 2643

Community Engagement

Jacob Shideler

Program Manager, Community Engagement
Ext. 8803


Mikeitta Williams

Manager, Education
Ext. 8807

Calvin Hudson

Coordinator, Education/Registrar
Ext. 8804

Hilary Pircher

Program Coordinator – The River
Phone: 713.520.1220


Suzanne Tidwell

Coordinator, ENCORE Boutique
Ext. 2669