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Drama & Discovery: Arts Integration Residencies

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TUTS’ Drama and Discovery: Arts Integration Residencies bring curriculum to life for students across all communities and backgrounds. By combining drama, dance, and musical techniques with core subjects, students have the opportunity to experience learning in a variety of ways, therefore deepening their understanding, emphasizing innovative thinking, and building confidence. Whether discovering language skills through song, dynamically dramatizing algebraic equations, dancing through Texas history, or exploring the scientific method through character creation, there is no limit to what these residencies can be. Each is tailored to the needs of the students, the teacher, and the school and is backed with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

In these literature-based arts integration residencies, students actively explore a piece of literature through storytelling, character exploration, creative movement, musical technique, and lyric writing. Teaching Artists collaborate with the classroom teachers to meet the needs of their specific classroom.

Number of Sessions: 3-8 classroom sessions + Teacher Meeting+ Classroom Observation Session.

Designated Audience: Tailored for All Ages (see below)

Choose from a menu of programs or reach out to us to create something tailored to your classroom. Our programs include:

                         – Storydrama Meets STEM (focusing on ELA, Science, and Math)
                          – Storydrama Meets Social Studies (focusing on ELA and Social Studies)
                          – Adventures in Musical Theatre (focusing on ELA, ELL, and ESL)
                          – River Community Arts Residencies (focusing on special education classes)
                          – Student Matinees and Teacher Resources

Middle School & High School
                         – Adventures in Musical Theatre (focusing on ELA, ELL, and ESL)
                         – World Exploration through Arts Integration (customize your curricular focus)
                         – TUTS Season Based Residencies (focus depends on themes of TUTS’ Musicals)
                         – Student Matinees and Teacher Resources
                         – River Community Arts Residencies (focusing on special education classes)

Visit for details about our Student Matinee Program and Teacher Resources.


“I love my TUTS teacher! I enjoy learning from TUTS because I enjoy telling stories!”
— Piney Point Elementary Student, HISD, 3rd grade

“After working with my TUTS teaching artist, I feel more open and confident!”
– Seven Lakes Junior High Student, Katy ISD

“My students learned how to use light to tell a story and understand how different lighting brings about different moods. They also learned how to apply the science of storytelling (theater) into their daily work.”
— Fleming Middle School Teacher, HISD

“We had so much fun. It was timed perfectly for right after our writing STAAR and some mock STAARs we did for Reading and Math. So the students got a well needed break before moving on to test prep for the final STAARs that were coming up.”
— Blackshear Elementary, HISD

“TUTS did such an amazing job with my students. They are still talking about Hydrogen plus oxygen equals water and it has been 5 months since the students have seen the wonderful TUTS instructors.”
— HISD Elementary School Teacher


Great Ideas for Teachers (GIFT)
Tailor a professional development to meet the needs of your staff or choose from a menu of options:
                         – Arts Integration Tools
                         – Early Arts Enrichment Tools
                         – Career Skills through Theatre
                             – Improve through Improv
                             – Teaching Career Skills through Theatre
                             – Tell Your Story: Using Storytelling Methods in Your Classroom


“The most useful portion of this workshop was learning how to use the arts to increase vocabulary and comprehension skills.”
— Blackshear Elementary Teacher

“I learned to persevere with consistency. I can adapt within my community.”
— Dress for Success Participant

“After this workshop I feel energized, excited, more connected and ready to face my students tomorrow!”
— Spring ISD High School Theatre Teacher