Theatre Under the Stars


Experiencing Musical Theatre: TUTS Season Based Programs

Each show within a season is examined by the TUTS Team to determine how it can ignite excitement and create conversation beyond the walls of our organization. Each production is looked at artistically and educationally, with a local and a global lens. An engagement project is then collaboratively cultivated, focusing on possibilities in and outside of the classroom. These residencies are often school-based, challenge our students to look beyond their world and search within themselves. They allow for students to have the opportunity to see, read, examine, and pull apart a work of art to make it their own.

• TUTS partners with a school or community organization and creates a semester-long residency based on the social, emotional, and political themes of a show in our season.
• Students have the opportunity to work with a TUTS Teaching Artist to learn theatre technique and examine their own arts experience.
• Students will be invited to see the piece of musical theatre that they are exploring in their classroom.
• Students may receive materials such as books, scripts, etc. at no charge to them.
• Students will have the opportunity to share what they have explored throughout the residency. Examples many include: a live performance, a digital story, an art exhibit, a publication, an NPR piece.


After completing the Experiencing program students from all three schools reflected on the aspects of how the program will help them in their future:

                          “What I learned can help me by speaking out what I believe in at school and in my community.”
                          “This really made me realize how much difference should be celebrated rather than shamed.”
                          “I feel I have become more expressive with my feelings.
                          "It allowed me to gather a new perspective and a new way to look at society.”
                          “Gives me hope and inspiration how the youth can make a change!”

Students from the Experiencing MEMPHIS
collaboration created this poem at the workshop:

                       I come from a place where…
                       I come from a place where hard work is a must
                       I come from a place where people choose violence as an answer
                       I come from a place where things can be bad but turn out good
                       I come from a place where people keep secrets and go heartless to get what they want
                       I come from a place where I can be myself and God is always first
                       I come from a place where people are always fighting
                       I come from a place where people love each other
                       I come from a place of hope, of opportunity, of warmth.