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Who are the Tommy Tune Adjudicators:

Combined # of years of professional and academic musical theatre experience: 720+
Combined # of years of educational experience: 250

The Tommy Tune Adjudicators are an approved panel of qualified performing arts professionals that is assembled to adjudicate the high schools participating in the TTA. Adjudicators are selected that have extensive backgrounds in professional theatre and performance in the capacity of directing, choreography, acting, musical directing, design, dramaturgy, arts administration, technical theatre, arts education, theatre production, etc.

If you think you qualify and would like to volunteer your time and share your experience and expertise, follow the link below to submit an application for consideration.

What are adjudicators evaluating?

Tommy Tune Adjudicators are evaluating the show in front of them, focusing on each element of the production. Adjudicators are not comparing one school to another, but rather are challenging schools to create the best possible work they can within their unique circumstances.

Categories for Evaluation

Tommy Tune Adjudicator Requirements:

•Adjudicators should be fair, collaborative, and aware of the educational value of the program.
•Adjudicators should be strong communicators – written and spoken.
•Adjudicators must attend two MANDATORY meetings, dates TBD. one will be before the adjudicating process, one at the end.
•Adjudicators will be notified of selection based on credentials prior to the mandatory Adjudicator’s meeting.
•Adjudicators are expected to see at least three shows.
•Adjudicators will not be assigned to a school with which there may be a conflict of interest.
•Three adjudicators, one of which will be considered the Administrative adjudicators, will evaluate each school only once.
•Adjudicators may not be staff or family members of Theatre Under The Stars.

Why are you a Tommy Tune Adjudicator?

I love seeing the creation of new art in whatever form it may take, dance, music, visual, theater. It is an integral part of life. I especially like working with artists to better their creative works. As a teacher for over 50 years of all ages the creative process is what keeps my inspiration going, seeing what is out there new coming to us.

Being a Tommy Tune adjudicator has been a highlight of my year upon my return to Houston, and being able to see such amazing young performers over the years as they grow is truly satisfying to me.

Not everyone can be one of the nominees, but we get to see how hard each student has worked and the pride they take in presenting their show.

I love theatre and the craft of theatre. I enjoy watching and analyzing theatre. As a teenager I always appreciated feedback that helped me to grow as an artist, and I enjoy the opportunity to give back to the community and help the young rising theater artists of today hone their craft and get encouragement and recognition for their excellence.

TTA Adjudicator Sign-up

Are you interested in becoming a Tommy Tune Adjudicator? Email us at


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