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Through the TUTS High School Musical Theatre Celebration, TUTS is offering a unique experience that will celebrate all high school musical theatre students across the Greater Houston community.

This year, high school students across the Greater Houston area will be able to submit personal musical theatre videos that highlight the students, their passions and the innovative ways they and their schools have navigated creating art amidst these challenging times.

We are asking students to submit videos of works of musical theatre, as a celebration of theatre arts, that displays personal connection to the artform. Submitted videos can range from musical solos, duets, trios, ensemble pieces and can be from the existing musical theatre canon or original compositions. Performances can be with a piano, or other instrument accompaniment or acapella. Pieces performed to pre-existing tracks will not be accepted.

Video submissions will begin January 2021, and close March 2021. Submitted videos will be streamed via TUTS social media channels for all to see during the months of April and May. Finally, TUTS will ask several content creators to join our special Tommy Tune Awards Spotlight Webcast to be streamed live on our Facebook channel on Wednesday, May 16, 2021.


Submitted videos must be 90 seconds to two minutes and 30 seconds in length. Each video submission must have a standard slate – Name, School, Song and Show Title. Time for slate will not be counted against video length.

All submitted videos must be with piano accompaniment or music created by faculty and students. Karaoke tracks will not be accepted.

We encourage innovation!

Original compositions are highly encouraged! Original musical numbers will be highlighted in our Tommy Tune Awards Spotlight Webcast on May 16, 2021. Students may be asked to perform live during the webcast. Ideas for original composition formats can be found below.

Only videos submitted by high school students in the Greater Houston area will be accepted and recognized.

Performance video submissions must be song-based performances – no monologues.

A’cappella: All musical sounds created by using the human voice – beats/sound effects included.
Here are some examples of what we mean:
Hercules – “Go The Distance” – Solo
Dear Evan Hansen – “Waving Through A Window” – Group
Various A’cappella Covers

Other Musical Number Examples (this is your time to shine, be as creative as you like!)
TUTS Musical Mornings Submissions

Safety of all participants is a priority; therefore, any rehearsals and performance recordings should be achieved virtually through electronic programs/apps such as Zoom, Discord, Acapella, iMovie, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.

Original Composition/Songwriting Ideas:

  • Composition should take the format of a musical number such as a charm song, showstopper, “I am” Song, “I want” song, ballad, comedic relief, transition, realization, decision, etc.
  • AABA, ABA, or AABC(A)
  • Original song should be the work of the student.
  • Original work should not exceed 2:30 in length.

Song should be recorded to the highest quality possible – Garageband, Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, etc. If asked, student may perform their number live for the Spotlight Webcast on May 16, 2021.

Students will be required to complete the necessary forms along with uploading their video to the TUTS High School Musical Celebration Dropbox. When the video is ready, click below to proceed with video submission.

*Date is subject to change.


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