Theatre Under the Stars

Do I have to be in the union to audition?
No, Equity members and non-Equity members are welcome to audition.

Do you hold auditions in NYC?
Yes, we do have auditions in NYC that are by appointment and for select shows only.

If I don’t live in Houston, can I come to Houston auditions?
Yes, Houston calls are open to all Equity members. Non-Equity performers need to be Houston locals or have Houston housing.

Do you accept video auditions?

What if I can’t make auditions?
If you can’t attend scheduled auditions, we hope to see you next time! We have regular calls throughout the year. Please keep checking back to this site for calendar updates.

How old do I have to be?
All performers must be 18 years old by the first day of rehearsal. Performers under the age of 18 are cast only from the Humphreys School of Musical Theatre and The River School for Performing and Visual Arts.

How will I be notified about callbacks/casting?
Callbacks typically happen at a later time (it may take as long as a month or two). If we need to see you for a callback we will notify you. If you do not hear from us, then you are not in contention for the show. We do not notify you if are not in contention.

How much will I make?
TUTS hires both Equity and non-Equity performers. Equity performers are paid the WCLO current rates and non-Equity performer salaries will be negotiated.

Do I have to sing?
Yes. Since we are casting for musicals, everyone cast must be able to sing well.

Should I come to both the singer’s audition and the dancer’s audition?
You may attend both of them if you like, but there is no need. If you are a strong dancer, you should attend the dance call. If you are kept until the end, you will be asked to sing. If you are a stronger singer, you should come to the singers call. Use your judgment as to what shows off your talents best.

Can I audition for a specific role?
You can audition with a specific role in mind, but we use our creative experience to choose the actor who best fits the role. Who knows? Maybe the role you never expected is perfect for you!