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Tommy Tune Awards

Program Vision Statement and Core Values

The Tommy Tune Awards Program celebrates the educational value, artistry, and community of high school musical theatre in the Greater Houston area.

Education: No matter your role in the creative process, experiences in the arts cultivate confidence, spark creative thinking, and inspire life-long learning.

Artistry: The arts are a safe haven for exploration, reflection, and innovation. The Tommy Tune Awards is an opportunity for students and educators to share their creative accomplishments as individuals, as collaborators, and as members of the greater Houston community.

Community: We believe in the power of learning, collaborating, and growing together. As we celebrate our shared experience of musical theatre, we as an artistic and educational community, enhance the future of our students, our art, and our city.


The past few weeks have been a lesson in resilience for the entire Houston Community. Now, more than ever, creating a safe space to learn, to grow, and to inspire is essential for the future of our students, our art form, and our city. Please know that we are taking our processes one step at a time, as it is our goal to be responsive to the needs of you, our community.

That being said, we are thrilled to announce that the 2018 Tommy Tune Awards are forging ahead! The application process for participation in the 2018 Tommy Tune Awards will begin on Monday, September 18, at 4 p.m.

Please know that we understand that for many of you, the road ahead is filled with uncertainties. Do not let any concerns about current or potential problems keep you from signing up if you wish to participate in the 2018 Tommy Tune Awards.

The Tommy Tune Awards gives us a chance to come together in the face of adversity, to give our students the opportunity to express themselves, to bring some normalcy into our world. We will find strength in each other. Lets show the world the art that the Houston Community can make!

Please check out our 2017-2018 Tommy Tune Awards Participation Guidelines HERE.

Participation for in the Tommy Tune Awards is on a first come first serve sign-up basis. The 2017-2018 Tommy Tune School Sign-up will be on August 30th at 4pm. For more information, please email Sara at

Who are the Tommy Tune Judges?

The Tommy Tune Judges are an approved panel of qualified performing arts professionals that is assembled to adjudicate the 45 high schools participating in the TTA. Judges are selected that have extensive backgrounds in professional theatre and performance in the capacity of directing, choreography, acting, musical directing, design, dramaturgy, arts administration, technical theatre, arts education, theatre production, etc.

      • Judges are expected to see at least 3 shows.
      • Judges will not be assigned to a school with which there may be a conflict of interest.
      • Three judges, one of which will be considered the Administrative Judge, will evaluate each school only once.
      • Judges may not be staff or family members of Theatre Under The Stars.

If you think you qualify and would like to volunteer your time and share your experience and expertise, follow the link below to submit an application for consideration.

TTA Judges Applications for the 2018 Tommy Tune Awards will only be accepted until September 20, 2017.

TTA Judges Application

What are Judges Evaluating?

Tommy Tune Judges are evaluating the show in front of them, focusing on each element of the production. Judges are not comparing one school to another, but rather are challenging schools to create the best possible work they can within their unique circumstances.

Theatre Under The Stars acts as the administrative body of the Tommy Tune Awards, coordinating school and judging schedules, facilitating the scholarship award process, and producing the awards show.