Theatre Under the Stars


Your gift to TUTS makes an impact

Theatre Under The Stars is Houston’s home for musical theatre. We deliver outstanding musical theatre experiences, opening our doors wide for our community to delight and participate in the magic and joy of the stage. We cultivate the art form for Houston and by Houston, imbuing it with excellence and fun as we produce world-class shows, provide musical theatre access for the community, and train the next generation of talent.

With your partnership and support we are…

‚Ķadvancing the art form. Theatre Under The Stars is cementing our place as a musical theatre powerhouse, producing the world-class shows our community clamors for while also enriching the art form with our fresh perspective. We produce new works to add to the great theatrical cannon, drawing on today‚Äôs cultural experiences, modern challenges and new beginnings. We seek to provoke innovation, inclusive and diverse perspectives, and ultimately joy.

‚Ķincreasing access to the arts. As a nonprofit, we partner with local organizations, schools and businesses to bring musical theatre to young and underserved Houston communities. There is a particular world-expanding magic that occurs when connecting children with their innate creativity through theatre, and Theatre Under The Stars taps into that experience through our arts access work.

‚Ķcontributing to the Houston economy. The final and fantastic product you see when the curtain opens is only a portion of the theatrical business behind our world-class productions. By supporting Theatre Under The Stars, you are contributing to a hard-working professional community of creators, builders, designers, administrators, caretakers, curators and educators ‚Äď all of which feeds into a vibrant and diverse Houston economy.

‚Ķcreating jobs for Houstonians. Our commitment to incorporating local talent into our business and stagecraft is how we invest back into the city that supports us. We lift up our city‚Äôs theatrical professionals, looking to our backyard to recruit artistic, technical and business talent, both new and seasoned. By investing in skilled workers right here in Houston, we are not only contributing to the economy but building Houston‚Äôs artistic professional community.

‚Ķproducing bold and brilliant musical theatre. When you see or participate in a Theatre Under The Stars show, you know you‚Äôre in the front row for something special. We bring to the art form our Houston-honed spirit, big Texas style, and a world-class standard of excellence that makes our productions stand out. 

Questions? Please contact Melissa Jurik at or at 713-558-2656.
Theatre Under Stars is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowable by law. Read TUTS Donor Privacy Policy.