Theatre Under the Stars

Black Lives Matter. We all have a responsibility to combat injustice towards people of color.

Theatre has an important role in cultivating a civil and equitable society. We can bring together seemingly disparate communities to share in a common experience, listen with empathy, and learn about ourselves as we deepen our bonds to each other. The community we love and serve is hurting. At Theatre Under The Stars, we are committed to helping heal these wounds.

Though we acknowledge we have more work to do, at TUTS we are conscientiously building a culture where we ensure a safe and inclusive workplace for all of our staff and artists; a haven of exploration and community-building for our students, patrons, and volunteers. Among other long-term solutions we are dedicating time and resources to provide access to information and training for our stakeholders. Together, we can take meaningful action to transform Houston – in all its diversity – into the most inclusive city in America.

We acknowledge this is not simply accomplished in a social media post or one-off project. We are dedicated and will continue to get better, together. It’s the only way forward.