Theatre Under the Stars

Our mission at The River is to engage audiences of all abilities with accessible, inclusive musical theatre education. We offer an array of fine arts programming to children and young adults, and we welcome all siblings to share in the fun.

Saturday Morning Classes, Ages 4-19

Our Saturday Morning classes are ten-week programs that take place throughout the school year and allow children to engage in the fun of music, dance, acting and visual arts. Whether they are painting or pantomiming, students develop confidence and expand social skills through the creative process, rehearsal and performances. The semester’s activities culminate in an hour-long recital with all students based on the theme The River Spectacular, where we invite all family and friends to celebrate their performers. $125 per class.

  • Dance
    • Ballet: students will explore their motor skills while learning basic ballet positions and dance combinations across the floor. (age range + time) Sign up.
    • Tap Dance: students will learn the basics of tap dance, rhythm, combinations across the floor and performance techniques. (age range + time) Sign up.
    • Dance Studio: students explore axial and loco motor movements through choreography and improvisation. (age range + time) Sign up.
  • Acting
    • Acting Studio: students participate in drama exercises, rehearse lines and perform in musical theatre skits. (age range + time) Sign up.
    • Puppetry & Pantomime: students engage in creative play through puppetry and pantomime, the art of wordless storytelling. (age range + time) Sign up.
  • Art
    • Art Studio: students are introduced to a wide range of art materials and projects inspired by different art movements and styles. (age range + time) Sign up.
    • Printmaking: students will create their own designs with a variety of colors, and develop their own series of prints through stenciling, stamping and silk screening techniques. (age + time) Sign up.
  • Music
    • Music & More: students learn basic musical concepts while engaging in songs, rhythmic games and instrumental playing. (age range + time) Sign up.
    • Explore Keyboard: students learn key recognition, functional piano skills and how to play simple repertoire pieces. (age range + time) Sign up.

Summer Camps, Ages 4-19

Send your student on a creative vacation close to home. The River hosts weeklong summer camp sessions from 9:30AM – 2:30PM each day at [insert location here]. A fun-filled Monday through Friday offers students a creative outlet and opportunity to explore musical theatre lyrics and choreography, new instruments, art techniques, improv and more — with no worries of summer sunburn or camp time creepy-crawlers. $[price] per week. Sign up.

Classes in the Community

Let’s take this show on the road. Our Classes in the Community program allows hospitals, schools and social service organizations to receive classes in fine arts. TUTS professionals work with medical staff to provide pediatric patients in hospitals and treatment centers the opportunity to explore their creativity through song, dance and drama. We also offer interactive programs and techniques for educators, performance workshops, field trips and adaptive art classes. Middle school to medical center, give us a call and see how we can customize a class just for you. [perhaps this links to CIC programs page]

One-Day Musical Theatre Workshops, Ages 7-19

What a difference a day can make! We offer daylong musical theatre workshops each season at our Bagby offices, where students immerse themselves in learning songs, choreography and show lines from TUTS performances. River students partner with Humphreys School of Musical Theatre students throughout the day to hone their social skills and confidence, and close the workshop with a half-hour showcase to flaunt their new numbers. $30. Sign up.

Young Adult Programming, Ages 18+

During this seasonal Saturday programming, we open the multi-faceted magic of musical theatre to young adults. Participants engage in all aspects of the theatre, from learning stage management and prop making to show lyrics and dance numbers. Along with the joys of creative self-expression, participants also reap the rewards of enhanced confidence, social skills and physical activity. The semester concludes with a musical production showcase for family and friends. $150. Sign up.

The River Performance Troupe

The River’s traveling troupe of students treats Houston hospitals, schools, retirement homes and other civic organizations to beloved Broadway song and dance routines. No matter who or where or why the audience, our performance troupe delights in bringing smiles and show tunes to the Houston community. To request a performance or inquire about joining the troupe, please call [Contact Name] at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Volunteer Program

The art of performing is one of the most thrilling and satisfying experiences a student can experience… although we’ve found many of our volunteers express that same sense of accomplishment! If you are interested in helping bring musical theatre to more audiences –– whether it’s through [coaching, cleaning or corralling], in the spotlight or behind the scenes –– we would love your time and support. Services and credit hours are available. Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx or sign up here.