Theatre Under the Stars

Our mission at The River is to engage audiences of all abilities with accessible, inclusive musical theatre education. We offer an array of fine arts programming to children and young adults, and we welcome all siblings to share in the fun.

Young Adult Programming, Ages 18+

During this seasonal Saturday programming, we open the multi-faceted magic of musical theatre to young adults. Participants engage in all aspects of the theatre, from learning stage management and prop making to show lyrics and dance numbers. Along with the joys of creative self-expression, participants also reap the rewards of enhanced confidence, social skills and physical activity. The semester concludes with a musical production showcase for family and friends.

Volunteer Program

The art of performing is one of the most thrilling and satisfying experiences a student can experience… although we’ve found many of our volunteers express that same sense of accomplishment! If you are interested in helping bring musical theatre to more audiences –– whether it’s through [coaching, cleaning or corralling], in the spotlight or behind the scenes –– we would love your time and support. Services and credit hours are available. Please call 713.520.1220 or sign up online.