Theatre Under the Stars

Like so many wide-eyed kids, I harbored dreams of gracing the stage, of being the next Kristin Chenoweth or Ariana Grande. My journey began with dance classes, expanding into acting and dancing through the Humphreys School of Musical Theatre at the tender age of 11. It only took one class at TUTS to completely hook me – I’d eagerly count down the minutes till class, and there was always a twinge of sadness when it ended.

The real magic happened when the chance to audition for a TUTS mainstage show materialized. I jumped at it, practicing my audition song like a mad person and balancing my nerves with so much excitement at the dance call. The stars aligned when I landed a spot in the youth ensemble of The Music Man – a moment that truly marked the beginning of the rest of my life.

TUTS became my second home, and I devoured everything they had to offer. I found myself immersed in the vibrant world of TUTS, both in the youth and mainstage productions. Through the years, I performed, assisted, lived, and breathed TUTS. Musical theatre became my true passion, and thanks to my awesome parents, I went all-in during my sophomore year. Online schooling and 9-5 rehearsals – just like a pro. It not only honed my craft but also connected me with some amazing industry folks.

My grand TUTS Education finale came in the form of my role as Jojo in Seussical at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in the summer of 2019– a testament to the inclusivity and impact of musical theatre on and off the stage. It showcased the impossible things happening every day at TUTS – bringing performers from all walks of life and abilities together to create magic on and off the stage.

Fast forward to this April, and I found myself donning the cap and gown, graduating with a BFA from the esteemed Musical Theatre program at The University of Michigan. The echoes of fellow alumni like Gavin Creel and McKenzie Kurtz reverberated as I stepped into the world as a professional actress.

And what a magical beginning to my first act – a newly-minted professional fresh out of college returning to the stage where it all started… and during the holidays to boot! It seems too good to be true, but the joy of reuniting with familiar faces, both professional performers and students who once shared the academy with me, is real.

I feel truly honored to be back where it all began, doing what I love in the place that taught me to love it. Cinderella is a heartfelt “Welcome Home” – a warm embrace from the universe, affirming that dreams do come full circle.