Theatre Under the Stars

Theatre Under The Stars awards merit and needs-based scholarships to outstanding students. The recipients range from performers, designers, directors, technicians, choreographers, and musicians who have been involved in their school’s Tommy Tune production. TUTS and the Tommy Tune Awards have awarded 160 student university scholarships, totaling over a half a million dollars in individual arts-based scholarships.


Scholarship Qualifications

    • Must be a student at a 2023/2024 Tommy Tune Participating School or an Alternate School.
    • Must be an active participant in their Tommy Tune Participating School’s musical.
    • Must be a graduating senior.
    • Must plan to major in theatre, music, dance, arts administration, technical theatre, stage management, light/set/wardrobe design or theatre/music/dance education in college.
    • Must maintain a “B” average or above in all areas of academic study. A B average is generally a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or a 3.4 on a 4.5 scale.
    • Must demonstrate and active participation and passion for performing arts.
    • This portion of the application is optional.
    • Students must supply Financial Aid information, and include Signed Tax Documents, and Essay Question to be considered for financial scholarship funds.


Requirements to Apply

    • Contact information
    • Academic Information (including GPA, SAT/ACT scores, extra-curriculars)
    • Awards and Honors
    • Community Involvement and Service
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Training and Experience
    • Copy of student transcript or academic record (This can also be emailed to by a guidance counselor)
    • Proof of Acceptance to a College or University (Copy of an acceptance letter or other proof of acceptance to an institution of higher learning in the coming year.)
    • Teacher Recommendation Form: After submitting your application, a link to the recommendation form will be emailed for you to pass along to an educator of your choice.
    • Required for all Applicants:
      • Who are you as an artist?
      • How does your future in the performing arts tie into the Tommy Tune Awards Core Values of artistry, education, and community?
    • Required for Applicants turning in Financial Application:
      • Why would receiving this scholarship be beneficial for you?
    • Students must complete all required elements above AND include:
      • A SIGNED copy of most recent Federal Tax Returns.
      • Financial Information
      • Student Essay question: Why would receiving this scholarship be beneficial for you?